The best progressive rock albums released last month – July 2017

July saw plenty of progressive rock being born, from instrumental to stoner to fusion. I’m going to show you 4 albums that are worth listening to today. From all over the world they come loaded of good riffs, interesting passages and I’m sure that wherever you are you are going to be tapping your foot all along.

Sproingg – Sproingg debut album

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From Germany comes this band influenced by King Crimson that with a rich and original language composes interesting -sometimes trivial- rhythms. Staying close to the classic progrock approach, they also lose themselves to sonic experimentation and open space for psychedelic ambiences. Without a doubt, their music keeps you on edge form beginning to end, a major achievement for an instrumental album. Personally, I think the mix has made it sound a little compressed and small, it could have a richer and bigger tone.
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Discipline – Captives of the Wine Dark Sea

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This band has a big sound, very big. The melodic expressiveness and excellent use of guitar lines and voice takes you through somewhat sinister and dark passages. These transform into more flowing passages that awaken the mind and spark the imagination. They are influenced by Jazz but I also find that their sound is similar to that of YES from the 80’s, Pink Floyd and Alan Parsons. Although this American band clearly has a progressive style, it appears to be opening the door to new listeners with the song “Love Songs”; the most pop and stable sounding song of the album.

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Acid Tree – Arkan

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Some Math Rock, some progressive metal but definitely strong rock base. Arkan is a disc with huge drums and ambience guitars that sometimes switch to rhythmic and distorted riffs to make you headbang. It has several instrumental passages focused in the musical and harmonic progression. The Brazilians are not trying to show virtuosity in this album but ambition in its composition.
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Cosmograf – The Hay-man Dreams

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If you want to listen to music while riding a roller coaster, this is the album you are looking for. It has songs with a good grove and is strongly influenced by the Beatles in their later years. It is also full of tense, dramatic moments that unravel into peace and stability. Interestingly, this British band has added a male speaking voice in some of the tracks. Focused on adding suspense, they exploit the singer’s theatrical voice perfectly.
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Did you listened to this album before? Do you like them?